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Serving the Northern Indiana 1999

Serving Northern Indiana
Approximately a 30 mile radius of South Bend
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 Method of cleaning heat register and return air registers:
  •  Viper scrub, high pressure air along with vacuum to each return air registers  and heat register
  •  A-coil and blower motor compartment cleaned with high pressure air and vacuum
  •  A new quality 1 inch pleated filter will be installed

                    Frequently Asked Questions:

      Q:  Why should I have my ductwork cleaned?
      A:  Due to the every day pollutants in our indoor air from, dirt, mold, mildew, dust mites and pet dander.  Every
             time you turn on your furnace or central air, you continue to recycle the pollutants into the air you breath.

      Q:  How often should I get my ducts cleaned?
A:  Industry standard is every 5-7 years.  Customers who suffer from allergies caused by indoor pollutants typically
            have their duct work cleaned yearly.

Q:  What would Mighty Ducts charge to clean my duct work?
      A:   All we need is your total amount of registers and we will provide you with your free  quote.     Call 574-299-1665.

Q:  What is a "Viper System"?
      A:  The viper is a system that is lowered into each register and it scrubs and loosens debris as the vacuum out side 
             pulls the dirt out of your home.

Q:  How long does the duct cleaning process take?
      A:  Depending on the size of your home, approximately 2-4 hours. 

Q:  Why should I choose Mighty Ducts Professional Duct Cleaning?
      A:  We have competitive prices, pride ourselves on being on time, and provide quality service for our customers.

Q:  Do you offer any discounts?
      A:  Mighty Ducts has a referral service.  When our customers refer a family member or friend, Mighty Ducts 
            will send them a check as a thank you, once the work is complete.  We also offer a senior citizen discount and 
            often have monthly specials.  

Q:  We just had a new house built, is it nessesary to have the duct work cleaned?
      A:  Absolutely, the duct work would have accumulated dust, dirt from the building process and you would want
            to have that eliminated from your indoor air. 

 See before and after pictures below  

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